Why We Seek Funding

Documentary filmmaking is challenging. Knowing your story — or finding it during production — is hard to do and harder to keep on track. But finding the money to keep the vision alive can be even more difficult.

The Accidental Sport submitted a budget for fiscal sponsorship to the International Documentary Association (IDA) for a low-tier six episode docuseries at a total of $244,000. This number is either ridiculously high or absurdly low depending on your knowledge of film and video production.

As decades-long veterans of both ultimate media and film and video production, we know how to make quality production on a tight budget. This means great glass, expert audio, 4K production, elite editing and creative storytelling, among other things. But what about legal costs, footage cost, animation cost, mastering, outreach, production expenses and more?

We can make Episodes One and Two close to something special — but how close and how special might come down to money. We cannot produce Episodes Three through Six without funding.

Your help will go a long way to creating excellence on screen, especially in post production. And if you’ve been able to look over the episode list and  would like to see those episodes come alive one day, then please contribute (time, money or expertise) and help make the vision a reality. To contribute a tax-free donation to the IDA in support of this project please visit the project’s IDA website here.

To learn about the budget, the filmmaking process, or to join the team (we would love to have you!) please contact us at producer@theaccidentalsport.com

We have an awesome, detailed fundraising pitch  — but you’ll need to request access first. Please email producer@theaccidentalsport.com 

Thanks for visiting and thanks for your time! We hope to hear from you soon.

Tony & The Team