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Since 2018, our team as been tracing the origins of ultimate as well as the stories that define it. It’s been a long journey with plenty more to come. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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Weekly Work Blog (Partial)

October 2021

— Shot with Jared Kass and Bill Stewart at NMH and Amherst College

— Jen Barton helping out with P.R.

— Trailer being worked on by JA Oliver

–Attended the 2021 Club Championships and conducted several interviews with Kennedy McCarthy (Siege), Michelle McGee (Dragn), Markian Kuzmowycz (PoNY), Marques Brownlee (PoNY), Felicia Yang (WUL), Manisha Daryani (WUL), and Magon Liu (Fury)

Week of August 9, 2021
— Interviewed Candy (Jones) Johnson CHS 72
— Interviewed Shelley Payson CHS 71
— Talked with Dave Leiwant CHS 73 on phone
— Talking with Marilyn (Goldblatt) Schulman CHS 71

Week of August 2, 2021
— Transcriptions done of Amy Bass, Fred Applegate, Vivian Zayas
— Connected with Candy (Jones) Johnson CHS 72 and will shoot with her on Friday
— Connected with Shelly Payson CHS 71 and will shoot with her on Friday
— Talked on the phone with Nikki Fiert Atkins CHS 71
— Proud to announce that this project has sponsored a halftime read at an upcoming PUL NY Gridlock game on August 14th

Week of July 18, 2021
— Dan is converting Amy, Vivian and Fred footage for upload and transcription.
— Talked to Nikki Feart, a player in the original 1969 Student Council vs Newspaper game
— Talked to Shelly Payson, a player in the original 1969 Student Council vs Newspaper game
— back on Instagram!
— Talked to Jenna. She is going to look at grants, potential festivals with pitch opportunities, and a ton more. Hour and 15 minute phone call, was very productive!

Week of July 5-9, 2021
— Interviewed Vivian Zayas in Ithaca
— Phone call with Shanye Crawford
— Confirmed time for Fred Applegate CHS ’71 next week
— Shot an interview with Professor Amy Bass in Purchase, NY
— Watched rough cut of teaser clip from Holly and suggested notes for next edit round

Week of June 29, 2021
— Website work
— Mailchimp work on how to get CSV file in there
–More work on pitch deck. Almost finished.
— Holly working on teaser

Week of June 22, 2021
— Waiting on to bring over transcription files from Temi.
— USAU Archives: Dave Raflo might be connecting me with someone

Week of February 15, 2021
— working with Rob Featherstone as director/DP and sounding board.
— Asset list created
— Talked to Charlie Eisenhood on release date (he likes late summer/ beginning of Fall
— Uploaded B-Roll material to Vimeo
— Trying to move from Temi to Rev (seems close – HQ is in Austin which just got slammed by power outage)
— Migrated Assets doc online

February 11, 2021
— working on distribution strategies, pitch deck, and more.

February 10th, 2021
–Emailed Gordon Murray
— did some good Archives post today

February 2021 (First week)

— Cycle back to Vivian Zayas (DID this)
— Email Eileen
— Working with Jules on AE post work and prep for Holly
— Trying to get Featherstone on board in some way

January 18-21, 2021
— Jules working on res issues
— Emailed Matt Radecki to discuss more about the doc process.
— Cast wide net for SOTG big game footage (found some examples)

January 16th, 2021
— Contact with Tayara for IG
— emailed Mags to see if she may want to join project

 January 15th, 2021
— Found Joel 2018 Nationals footage
— Digitize Willie Herndon tapes
— emailed Aidan and Luca for help in searching archival ultimate game material

January 14th, 2021
— Started going over Steve Ward footage and transcription
— suggested that Tayara can make some IG videos perhaps
— conversation with Heidi Hellring. She has material from early CHS and Buzzy. Some of it may be invaluable.
— emailed Jon Hines again: looking for a go in May with Heidi in Maplewood perhaps?

Professor Amy Bass. Manhattanville College, July 2021.
Candy (Jones) Johnson CHS ’72, Interview August 2021

Fred Applegate CHS 1971. Interview July 2021.

Associate Professor Vivian Zayas, USAU Hall of Fame 2018. Interview July 2021.

Jon Hines, CHS ’70 and Heidi Hellring, CHS ’77. Interview in Maplewood, NJ May 2021.

Jared Kass plus Crew

Jared Kass and interview  crew. January 2018.